FIT Court mission

The Jefferson County FIT Court addresses child abuse or neglect due to parental substance abuse and works to reunite or keep families together safely.  FIT Court strives to empower families to look beyond compliance and abstinence, encouraging them to make a commitment to a lifestyle of recovery.

Click to access the FIT Court Program Handbook for an overview of the program and information on the team, phases, requirements, sanctions, incentives, and more!


Welcome to the 1st Judicial District/Jefferson County’s Family Integrated Treatment (FIT) Court program!

FIT Court started in 2008 and is based on a National Drug Court model and takes pride in incorporating Family Drug Court best practices.  This is a voluntary, family-based program within the Dependency and Neglect System.

FIT Court was CREATED TO work with parents and children who have become involved with the Jefferson County Division of Children, Youth, and Families (JCDCYF) as a result of child abuse or neglect that is directly related to the parent’s substance abuse.

The PURPOSE of this program is to offer families treatment, services, and support to establish and maintain sobriety and provide safety for their child(ren).

The GOALS of the FIT Court program are to:

  • Reduce repeat Dependency and Neglect findings
  • Reduce the number of days the children spend in out of home care, while increasing the use of kinship care
  • Increase permanency with parents and family
  • Improve treatment outcomes, including decreasing the start time to treatment and increasing time spent in treatment

For more information or to come visit – contact the FIT Court Coordinator:

Kelli Sutton:  720-772-2687  or at


Participants are required to

  • Enroll in substance abuse treatment
  • Submit to random drug testing
  • Attend frequent court reviews
  • Attend support group meetings/activities
  • Create a Recovery Plan
  • Demonstrate progress with any other treatment plan requirements such as
    • Mental health treatment
    • Domestic violence treatment
    • Parenting support

These requirements, along with any other imposed by the Court, will become part of the family’s Family Services Plan (also called a treatment plan).

The Court will closely monitor progress and compliance with these requirements and respond with rewards (incentives) and consequences (sanctions).

The FIT Court program consists of 5 phases and takes a minimum of 10 months to complete, although most families complete the program in 12-18 months.